Diabetes Awareness with Brett and Rosemary Stewart

February 6, 2017

We make this podcast because of our belief that stories are medicinal. Brett shared his story about living with Type 1 diabetes here: https://beyondtype1.org/this-is-what-type-1-diabetes-looks-like/ and we wanted to talk with him and his wife, Rosemary, more. It's so important right now, more than ever, to open our eyes to others' experiences. Thank you so much, Brett and Rosemary, for sharing with us.

Brett Ryan Stewart is a musician, recording engineer, and producer at his Nashville-based studio, The Sound Shelter. His work has been utilized by numerous television networks and companies including OWN, Fox Television, A&E, Heineken, and Microsoft. He lives with his wife, 2 cats, and an insulin pump.

Rosemary Stewart is an actor and singer from Nashville who stumbled into birth work and is finishing her certification to become a postpartum doula. She is a home economics fiend, with a passion for DIY projects and homemade body care products. Since marrying Brett,  she has found her voice advocating for herself and others  particularly in regards to Type 1 Diabetes, women's reproductive health, and food allergies.