Chat and Tea with Jessa Blades

November 22, 2016

Jessa Blades is a makeup artist, natural beauty/wellness expert and herbalist based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Inspired by the idea of true healing and wellness, Jessa made the switch to natural products and founded her company Blades Natural Beauty in 2008, providing simple routines, pure products, and expert advice. Splitting her time as a makeup artist for celebrity and fashion clients, Jessa also consults about natural, healing products and founded an online shop, selling her signature line of skincare and hand blended herbal teas in addition to her favorite natural beauty and wellness products.

When she's not working on set for editorial clients, Jessa uses her fourteen years of experience and knowledge to teach private lessons and group workshops for women on how to apply makeup, how to choose the best and healthiest products, and how to incorporate herbs and food based medicine into their lives to heal their skin. Jessa has studied with a group of wise and powerful teachers: Rosemary GladstarPeeka TrenklePhyllis LightHilary Garivaltis and Nancy Phillips and is passionate about sharing simple and gentle ways to heal and nurture our bodies and skin, while still looking fabulous at the same time.

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