Chat with Sustainable Cyclists!

April 26, 2017

Sustainable Cycles has ridden more than 16,000 miles in over 30 US states since 2011, connecting with women’s health and bicycling leaders along the way. Their workshops promote basic road survival AND reusable menstrual products as tools for social change. They believe that reducing consumption of fossil fuels will improve local and global health.

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Diabetes Awareness with Brett and Rosemary Stewart

February 6, 2017

We make this podcast because of our belief that stories are medicinal. Brett shared his story about living with Type 1 diabetes here: and we wanted to talk with him and his wife, Rosemary, more. It's so important right now, more than ever, to open our eyes to others' experiences. Thank you so much, Brett and Rosemary, for sharing with us.

Brett Ryan Stewart is a musician, recording engineer, and producer at his Nashville-based studio, The Sound Shelter. His work has been utilized by numerous television networks and companies including OWN, Fox Television, A&E, Heineken, and Microsoft. He lives with his wife, 2 cats, and an insulin pump.

Rosemary Stewart is an actor and singer from Nashville who stumbled into birth work and is finishing her certification to become a postpartum doula. She is a home economics fiend, with a passion for DIY projects and homemade body care products. Since marrying Brett,  she has found her voice advocating for herself and others  particularly in regards to Type 1 Diabetes, women's reproductive health, and food allergies. 

Conversation with Chelsea Vonchaz

December 15, 2016

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Chelsea Vonchaz, founder of #happyperiod. Her mission is to  provide menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless who would otherwise go without. The initiative supports everyone that has a monthly flow, including teenagers, nonbinary, and the LGBT community. Chelsea writes, "I have truly found more happiness in #HappyPeriod through helping others and promoting sisterhood. This is my act of changing the world. This is my attempt at making another woman’s reality less of a nightmare." Thank you, Chelsea, for sharing your work with us and for inspiring us to answer our callings and open our eyes and hearts to each other.


Chat and Tea with Jessa Blades

November 22, 2016

Jessa Blades is a makeup artist, natural beauty/wellness expert and herbalist based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Inspired by the idea of true healing and wellness, Jessa made the switch to natural products and founded her company Blades Natural Beauty in 2008, providing simple routines, pure products, and expert advice. Splitting her time as a makeup artist for celebrity and fashion clients, Jessa also consults about natural, healing products and founded an online shop, selling her signature line of skincare and hand blended herbal teas in addition to her favorite natural beauty and wellness products.

When she's not working on set for editorial clients, Jessa uses her fourteen years of experience and knowledge to teach private lessons and group workshops for women on how to apply makeup, how to choose the best and healthiest products, and how to incorporate herbs and food based medicine into their lives to heal their skin. Jessa has studied with a group of wise and powerful teachers: Rosemary GladstarPeeka TrenklePhyllis LightHilary Garivaltis and Nancy Phillips and is passionate about sharing simple and gentle ways to heal and nurture our bodies and skin, while still looking fabulous at the same time.

You can contact Jessa at

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Ingredients to avoid 

Conversation with Cristen Pascucci

November 19, 2016

A former communications strategist at a top public affairs firm in Baltimore, Maryland, Cristen Pascucci is the founder of Birth Monopoly, U.S. partner with Human Rights in Childbirth, co-creator of the Exposing the Silence Project, and, from 2012 to 2016, vice president of national advocacy organization Improving Birth.  She has run an emergency hotline for women facing threats to their legal rights in childbirth, created a viral consumer campaign to “Break the Silence” on trauma and abuse in childbirth, and helped put obstetric violence and the maternity care crisis in national media.  Today, she is a leading voice for women giving birth, speaking around the country and consulting privately for consumers and professionals on issues related to birth rights and options.


Here is a link to the art project, called Kimberly Said No, that Cristen speaks about in the podcast. The podcast is airing after the performance, but you can learn more here:


A Conversation with Samantha Zipporah

August 8, 2016

Samantha Zipporah is a practical & radical medicine woman, providing love & education for the womb continuum. She is a holistic sexual health educator, activist, & advocate. A former birth doula whose roots of study can be found deep in traditional midwifery “womb to tomb” style care, Sam has been supporting peers with a full spectrum of fertility & pregnancy experiences for over a decade in personal, professional, & clinical contexts. Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biochemistry & biology, & nourished by playfulness, sass, & reverent spirituality. She believes the mind, body, & spirit connection deserve reverence & respect. Friends have joked that her business tagline should be, “If anything’s going in or out of a cervix, call Sam."
To learn more about Sam & her work please visit her at


Interview with Trevor MacDonald

May 6, 2016

We were so grateful for the opportunity to speak with Trevor MacDonald, father of two, blogger at, contributor to Huffington Post, among other sites, and creator of the first Facebook group for transgender people interested in birth, breast, and chestfeeding. We spoke with him about how to better support trans people in the healthcare system, inclusive language, and his own experiences giving birth, transitioning, and breastfeeding.

We are thrilled to share that Trevor's book, Where’s the Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad, is being released May 24! It is now available for pre-order on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. The e-book can also be pre-ordered on Kobo, Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and the Apple store. You can follow the book’s journey on Facebook at or visit Trans Canada Press’ web site for a media kit, sample chapters, and review copy at Thank you so much, Trevor, for speaking with us!


Interview with Claudia Booker

April 16, 2016

We had the absolute pleasure of spending a morning drinking tea with Claudia Booker, CPM, Home Birth Midwife, doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, attorney, and practicing badass. Ever since Emily Varnam listened to her speak in Brooklyn, she felt Claudia had so much wisdom to impart. There are some incredible nuggets in this podcast. Enjoy, y'all! Thanks for talking with us, Claudia. Read more about Claudia and her work here:


A Conversation with Zoe Buckman

September 14, 2015

Kelsey, Nadia, and Narayan talk with the NYC-based artist, feminist, mother, and hip-hop lover Zoe Buckman. Please visit to learn more about Zoe's artwork. Zoe is part of an upcoming group show, To Be Young, Gifted, and Black, opening September 19, at Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.  


Holly Grigg-Spall Interview

August 5, 2015

Emily Varnam interviews Holly Grigg-Spall, the author of Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control. Learn more about the book and the upcoming documentary at Special thanks to Rebecca Fin Simonetti for music and Nadia Collado, Kelsey Knight, and Narayan Forest Lockett for production.